Collection: Moony

Feminine, elegant, magnetic.
Different every day, but always true to herself.
It’s the moon. Wear it and carry it with you. #FilMoony

  • Gradually revealing her face, timid and magnificent, it is impossible not to admire her: she captures the eye and leads its gaze to the immense beauty of the starry night.

    Fil Moony collection is inspired by the perfection and delicate and elegant glare of the moon, gracefully illuminating everything under her. The pendant, the ring and two types of earrings, 18 Kt with natural River diamonds, provide whoever wants to wear them with this light.

  • Entirely handmade in Italy

    Natural, conflict-free, untreated, higher category (Color D/F – Clarity VVS-VS)

    18 Kt white, yellow or pink gold

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4 products

  • Hoop earrings

    Regular price €1.500,00
    Regular price Sale price €1.500,00
    Hoop earrings
  • Ring

    Regular price €760,00
    Regular price Sale price €760,00
  • Beam earrings

    Regular price €1.000,00
    Regular price Sale price €1.000,00
    Beam earrings
  • Pendant

    Regular price €1.000,00
    Regular price Sale price €1.000,00
  • Pure light

    Their sparkle embellishes and brightens, guaranteed by natural, untreated and conflict-free diamonds: brilliant cut and of a higher category.

  • Eleganza Made in Italy

    Hand-made, Fil jewels have a unique Italian design coming from decade-long experience and a passion for quality. More than a jewel, with a value lasting through time.