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A thought, a passion, a story.
What makes you happy.
Wear it and carry it with you. #FilHappy

  • Twelve symbols, each one with its meaning, each one capable of telling a unique story. Yours.

    The Fil Happy bracelet line has a simple and classy design to wear every day: a fine chain, a 0.02 carat diamond of high category and a precious symbol, made of 18 Kt white or pink gold.

  • Entirely handmade in Italy

    Natural, conflict-free, untreated, higher category (Color D/F – Clarity VVS-VS)

    18 Kt white or pink gold

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12 products

  • Pure light

    Their sparkle embellishes and brightens, guaranteed by natural, untreated and conflict-free diamonds: brilliant cut and of a higher category.

  • Elegance made in Italy

    Hand-made, Fil jewels have a unique Italian design coming from decade-long experience and a passion for quality. More than a jewel, with a value lasting through time.