Collection: Eternity

Love, emotion, the strength of an eternal feeling.
Wear them and take them with you.
  • A message dedicated to the heart capable of telling happiness with its perfect shape.

    Fil Eternity Collection is inspired by the symbol of love: the perfect circle of a ring that tells of an absolute, eternal, endless love. Capable of overcoming time, capturing it and returning it, sublime, in every smallest flash. All in 18 Kt gold, with their natural River diamonds, the Eternity band rings become the precious symbol of a feeling ready to renew itself at every glance, at every gesture, at every instant.

  • Entirely handmade in Italy

    River VVS natural diamonds and black diamonds, from conflict-free sources.

    18 Kt white, yellow or pink gold

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  • Pure light

    Their sparkle embellishes and brightens, guaranteed by natural, untreated and conflict-free diamonds: brilliant cut and of a higher category.

  • Eleganza Made in Italy

    Hand-made, Fil jewels have a unique Italian design coming from decade-long experience and a passion for quality. More than a jewel, with a value lasting through time.