More than a jewel

Fil is a story to wear, a memory, an emotion that sticks to your skin. It tells the story of a bond linking people over time, between present, past and future.

Letter You Bracelet
  • Pure light

    Their sparkle embellishes and brightens, guaranteed by natural, untreated and conflict-free diamonds: brilliant cut and of a higher category.

  • Elegance made in Italy

    Hand-made, Fil jewels have a unique Italian design coming from decade-long experience and a passion for quality. More than a jewel, with a value lasting through time.

  • Shipping is on us.

    Shipping is always free, with and insured package and without additional costs for you.

  • Perfection needs time

    Each jewel is hand-made, with great attention to detail. Check the creation time needed before purchase.

  • Custom pieces

    Do you like Fil design and want to design a custom piece? No problem: contact us.